Top 10 Beautiful Girls in Naruto

There’re many attractive girls in anime world. Today we are going to make a list of top 10 beautiful girls in Naruto. Let’s see who is on the top of the list!

Top 1. Tsunade


Undoubtedly, she is the most beautiful anime girl in Naruto. In spite of being middle-aged, she still maintains her charm and is the master in the leaf village. As the beloved person of Jiraiya, Tsunade gains favor from tens of thousands of male ninjas.

Charm Star: ★★★★★

Top 2. Hinata


Hinata is not the heroine. For sure, we can’t predict whether she will be the wife of the hero. But this does not affect Hinata’s incomparable popularity and irresistibly charm. Shy expressions, mild personality and jujitsu make her an ideal character for wife. What male ninjas most want to see is blush on Hinata’s face. So many men feel fascinated about her saying of “it can be bought”. What I most want to get is her capability of Byakugan, XD.

Comment: Mildness is the real charm for females.
Charm Star: ★★★★☆

Top 3. Sakura


Actually, I really don’t know why Sakura charms so many people. Is this only because she is the heroine? Or is it because of the tangle among her, the hero and the male supporting role? Anyway, Sakura has incredible muscularity. She is barbaric, narcissistic and longs for vain glory. Whoever marries with Sakura will undoubtedly feel painful. It’s a pity that the story requires her to frequently appear. In this case, it seems like there is no reason for her not to become popular. So, popularity and charm can be both enhanced artificially.

Comment: How charming a character will be is totally decided by the director.
Charm Star: ★★★★

Top 4. Terumi Mei (the Fifth Mizukage)

Terumi Mei

Once appearing, Terumi Mei surprised the crowd by a coquettish, dolce and sexy look. It seems like no words can describe this super woman in Naruto. But referring to the sexiest female ninja, this pretty girl made from water should steal the show. It’s unknown what Terumi Mei will look like while wearing a bikini, XD.

Comment: Her tenderness is like water.
Charm Star: ★★★☆

Top 5. Uzumaki Kushina

uzumaki ushina

As the mother of hero and the wife of the Fourth Hokage, Uzumaki Kushina has only a few dialogues in the story. But she is considered to be a clever wife and wise mother by most male ninjas. In Jiraiya’s words, Uzumaki Kushina is naughty, having red hair and loving joking. Such a beautiful girl will be loved. So Minato Namikaze married with her so early, making so many female fans frustrated. Giving birth to Naruto, the son of prophecy, Uzumaki Kushina is exactly the mother of prophecy.

Comment: If Naruto was the Bible, Uzumaki Kushina would be Virgin Mary.
Charm Star: ★★★

Top 6. Shizune


As the intimate maid for Tsunade, Shizune seems rather comely and has a nice personality. But the key point is still that she is a rumored girlfriend for Kakashi. This makes her glamour sharply increase, XD. Will you believe Kakashi can have a baby with Shizune while using Sharingan?

Comment: The professional female secretary in Naruto.
Charm Star: ★★☆

Top 7. Guren


So far, Guren is the only character who embodies mother love. She had ever been a ruthless killer like Kimimaro who fight to death for Orochimaru. But all were changed after she met Yuukimaru. Before, Guren acted under Orochimaru’s order and killed Yuukimaru’s mother. But out of expectation, she became the substitute for Yuukimaru’s mother. After betraying Orochimaru, she lived happily with Yuukimaru in a land of idyllic beauty and peace. Making Yuukimaru say provocative words like “the place where people who miss me stay is exactly my home”, Guren is absolutely appealing, XD.

Comment: A good woman.
Charm Star: ★★

Top 8. Yamanaka Ino


As an intimate friend for Sakura, Yamanaka Ino has ever quarreled with Sakura because of Sasuke. But they reconciled at last.

Charm Star: ★☆

Top 9. Tenten


Cute and naive Chinese girl, Tenten is chipper. She should be a pretty girl of civilian birth.

Comment: A girl in the neighbor’s grows up to be a woman.
Charm Star: ★

Top 10. Kurenai Yūhi

Yuuhi Kurenai

As the widow of admirable Asuma, Kurenai Yūhi has never showed any capability or strong point. She feels like a vase in the whole story, having only a few dialogues. As the saying goes, widow often sinks into rumor. But when it comes to Kurenai Yūhi, this is completely changed. Why?

Comment: Feeling like a sunset glow, she has never been popular till the end.
Charm Star: ☆


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