Skincraft for Minecraft

We have added a feature for all you block heads out there. If your a fan of Minecraft you can now customize your character using the skincraft tool. you can even see what others have created and make your own. be creative, we are also going to add a feature to show your character here. Have fun and create your character now.


Here it is, the single best Minecraft skin creator. Its a layer-based browser based program, on Newgrounds, a popular flash webpage; which makes crating your own skins very easy. It comes with a large range of pre-made objects which you can change the color, transparency, blur etc. Once your finished it you can easily save the skin and you can even upload it to Minecraft directly.
You can browser user made skins easily and you can also download and edit them. All of this without downloading a thing, that is, except the skins; and in the commodity of your web browser. I recommend to everyone to check it out, its really cool and it enable you of presuming of having made your own skin.


Click the image to create your own skin



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